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  • Custom Aftermarket Steel Bumpers

    Aftermarket Truck Bumper
    Off Road Bumper
    Custom Steel Aftermarket Bumper

    At Fabrication Pros we provide utility and function to your car whilst simultaneously making it a much safer place for its occupants. Even our bumpers are made to hold a winch. We receive reviews regularly from grateful customers whose lives they believe were spared thanks to our bumpers, and first responders who see these sorts of accidents daily and understand exactly what the solution looks like. Our product is battle proven and trusted by Canadians.


    We were the first to make a multi-faceted steel design and have led the industry since 2000. There are a lot of other manufacturers on the market these days, we encourage you to learn the distinction because not all replacement bumpers are made equal.

    Custom Steel Bumper

    Off Road Metal Truck Bumpers

    Our development process begins with a scan 3D scan of the vehicle and will allow us to start the development process with precision.

    Our 4×4 bumpers are manufactured in-house by our specialist welders. Creating a great product that performs flawlessly, is readily serviceable, and looks fantastic is what we strive for.