Benefits Of Our Stick Welding Procedure

Its official name is Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), but it’s commonly called stick welding. This type of our Calgary welding process uses an electrode (stick) and may be used for welding almost all the ferrous metals and other metal types, also. It’s a harder process it is best for the field. We’ll only employ highly skilled welders that are certified. This is to make certain that are welding is done to specs and completed. If this practice is perfect for your project then we may deliver that support for you. As the flux coating, it creates a layer of gas and slag that shields the weld from any contamination. Benefits and pitfalls of stick welding.


Stick Welding Advantages

-Stick welding may be done when out in poor weather
-The gear needed is not very pricey
-It takes no external shielding gas, which saves money
-It’s easy to switch sticks for different metals

SMAW Limitations

To be honest, there are some downsides:

-It would require welders with expertise in rod welding
-It is time-consuming to chip off the slag that formed during the weld
-It Can Be Hard to weld thinner alloys
-The welding rods must be replaced more frequently than in other Kinds of welding
-There can be surplus spatter, rough surfaces, and porosity with this procedure

Make Sure You Hire Skilled welders. Because of its versatility, our Calgary welding is used in areas like construction, heavy equipment, pipeline welding, and other like-minded industries.


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