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Over the years we have become one of the most trusted fabrication shops in Alberta for welding and fabrication needs.  When we are involved alongside some of the top energy corporations there is a reputation for high quality, flexibility and integrity when it come to specialised projects.Fabrication Pros are Welding a metal bumper in Calgary Alberta

Fabrication Pros has custom fabrication and maintenance in our blood. Building customer specific products based on the needs of heavy industry equipment and construction corporations. Being available 24 hours a day gives us the edge and allows us to work with production requirements that made us one of the most reliable choices for complex fabrication and welding projects.

Fabrication Pros primary business focus is on welding and custom metal fabrication. We are dedicated leaders in this industry because of the dedication and willingness to evolve with other companies.

Application is key. Our experienced professionals help to scope, manage and realize the visions of our customers. Working with the latest versions of 3D CAD software, we have the ability to make changes to your product to avoid costly changes once fabrication has commenced.

You will work with our experienced team of trade professionals and we will ensure that your project is completed the way you want in a timely fashion.

We have an assortment of ever expanding technology to handle all diverse requirements.

Blending our strong skill base with some of the most diverse equipment in Alberta’s manufacturing shops, we provide a high quality approach for all projects.

Let our qualified team of trade professionals work with your organization to provide the highest quality and most effective solutions for your business needs.

We work in parallel with Welders, Machinists, Iron workers, Sheet metal and Fabrication Journeyman that are skilled in all aspects of the trade. Rest assured that your project will be done right in a timely manner. Calgary welding and fabrication is here for you.

Calgary welding and fabrication

Calgary welding and Fabrication and the Manufacturing Process

Calgary welding and fabrication. When in need for a suitable fabrication company don’t just go for what pops up in your search engines. Go for a company with an impeccable reputation, and is capable of delivering on bulk orders. Unfortunately, the manufacturing and industrial processes would be non-existent if it was not for the structures, equipment and resources generated through industrial fabrication. Welding and fabrication are two processes that go hand in hand.

Calgary welding and fabrication

How the Welding Process Serves Industrial Fabrication

Welding involves joining two materials through the coalescence process with a filler material. The welding process radiates energy and heat which turns the materials into liquid form at a particular point. On re-solidification, a secure joint will have been formed. Usually the materials joined are either thermoplastics or metals. Advanced welding can be achieved through welding and securely affixing certain materials so as to enable the creation of highly developed pieces of structure or equipment which can serve their intended purpose perfectly. To fulfill this role, welding should be versatile and work with a wide array of thermoplastics and metals, usually under extreme conditions.

Types of Welding Services and Their Uses

Different welding services have been developed and they come with their own merits and demerits. Here are some of the types of welding services performed.

Gas Tungsten Welding

Sometimes it is abbreviated as “GTAW”and uses tungsten electrodes during the weld. Unlike the SMAW welding process where the electrode gets consumed during the process, this is not the case here. The weld are is sealed off from contamination by air via the inert Helium or Argon gases.

Shielded Metallic Arc Welding

The abbreviation is “SMAW” or is at times referred to as “stick welding”. To be precise, the stick here is the electrode which has a protective flux. The electrode holder will firmly hold onto the stick to create an electric arc using alternating or direct current. The electrode begins to melt away slowly concurrently melting the joining metals. During the process the gas vapor released by the flux coating safeguards the wield surface from contamination.

Gas Metal Arc Welding

Uses a wire electrode which is consumable and fed through the welding gun. Inert gases such as carbon dioxide and Argon are also spread over the weld area to prevent contamination. This method is preferred for its versatility and ease.

Calgary welding and fabrication

Flux-Cored Arc Welding

Has a strong resemblance to the Gas Metal arc welding and features special tubular wires filled with flux. The flux alone is sufficient enough to safeguard the metal from contamination.

Submerged Arc Welding

Uses consumable electrodes which are fed automatically. It produces a blanket of granular flux which consists of several compounds such as lime, silica, manganese oxide and calcium fluoride. This blanket completely submerges this welding area forming a protective coating layer.

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The role played by welding processes in the fabrication industry is crucial. When performed by highly experienced and qualified welders, the end result is remarkable. We are proud to provide top quality welding services to all our clients. We possess all the versatility and skills required to fabricate pipes, steel structures and pressure vessels as required. Get in touch with us for further information.