No matter how good the idea is, without proper execution, it serves little usefulness to the user. Therefore, every project needs the right implementation to be successful. However, the ordinary Joe often doesn’t possess all the tools and expertise required to complete the design of the project.


Providing the best welding services around is our way of staying faithful to our words. Ours is a welding shop that understands the needs of our customers.


We might claim to be one of the best machine shops that you would be able to find out there, that claim would not be legit till you see and understand the wide range of services that we tend to provide.

Metal Fabrication

We are one of the most trusted metal fabrication shops that you would be able to find, we would be able to provide you with all the services pertaining to fabrication and welding needs.

About US

Over the years Fabrication Pros has become one of the most trusted Calgary metal fabrication shops in Alberta for all your Calgary welding and fabrication needs.  When we are involved alongside some of the top energy corporations there is a reputation for high quality, flexibility, and integrity when it come to specialized projects

Our Calgary welding shop has custom fabrication and maintenance are in our blood, building customer specific products based on the needs of heavy industry equipment and construction corporations. Being available 24 hours a day gives us the edge and allows us to work with production requirements that made us one of the most reliable choices for complex fabrication and welding projects.

Our primary business focus is on welding and custom metal fabrication and machining. We are dedicated leaders in this industry because of the dedication and willingness to evolve with other companies.

The application is key. Our experienced professionals help to scope, manage and realize the visions of our customers. Working with the latest versions of 3D CAD software, we have the ability to make changes to your product to avoid costly changes once fabrication has commenced. Also, we have a large amount of Calgary CNC machining professionals for all custom specialized metal fabrication work.

With a large amount processing equipment and certifications for structural work, we have a quality control program with an inspector that will double check all work done. Fabrication Pros can complete most projects from start to finish without the outside assistance and will follow up on all work completed. This means that the welding and metal fabrication process is controlled by all schedule and quality requirements while being confident that the craftsmanship is in line with what our client would expect.

As our reputation has grown stronger, we have built a name for a fast turnover requirements and quality that is unsurpassed. Our Calgary welding shop will meet your reasonable project deadlines and will under promise and over deliver. We are here to build a strong long lasting relationship that will strengthen both companies.

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Customer Testimonials


Fabrication Pros displays an attention to detail and quality that are visible in every part. Communication throughout the entire machining process is great, and value is made into every part they machine. Fabrication Pros has become more than just another vendor, and they’ve become an important partner in the success of our business


I would like to thank Fabrication Pros for creating some of my prototypes. They came out fabulous. Excellent and professional shop to work with. Extremely recommended.

Garry Haynes

Our business restores 20-30-year-old plastics molding machines, and we usually need to reverse engineer components that are no longer available. Fabrication Pros is an excellent shop for our “one-off” parts. They are quick, reliable, and exceptional to work with. They work based on our needs and get it completed right the first time. We extremely recommend their services, and we will still continue to use them.

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